Journal of Rehabilitation Counseling (JARC)

Volume 37 - 2006
Subject  Issue
"Introduction to Special Issue on Customized Employment," R. G. Luecking  4
Attitudes and Disability
"Consumers with a Disability of Substance Abuse: Exploring Beliefs Impacting Placement," K.C. Hergenrather & S.C. Rhodes  3
"Rehabilitation Counselors’ Attitudes toward Harm Reduction Measures," J.E. Havranek & J.R. Stewart  1
"Still Not in Vogue: The Portrayal of Disability in Magazine Advertising," D. Parashar & N. Devanathan  1
Diversity, Race, and Ethnicity
"Employment, Vocational Rehabilitation and the Ticket to Work Program: Perspectives of Latinos with Disabilities," B. Hernandez, M.J. Cometa, J. Rosen, J. Velcoff, D. Schober, & R.D. Luna  3
"Participation of Ethnically Diverse Personnel in State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies," M. M. Kundu, A. Dutta, & S. Walker  1
"Customized Employment: From Practice to Policy," R. Nicholas, R.G. Luecking & D.M. Luecking  4
"Demand-side Workforce Needs and the Potential for Job Customization," R. G. Luecking, L. Cuozzo, & L. Buchanan  4
"A Descriptive Study of Customizing the Employment Process for Jobseekers with Significant Disabilities," D.M. Luecking, R.G. Luecking  4
"Perceived Quality of Life Changes of Jobseekers with Significant Disabilities Who Participated in a Customized Employment Process," D.M. Luecking, P. Gumpman, L. Saecker, & D. F Cihak  4
"Predictors of Employment Outcomes for Persons with Disabilities: An Integrative Review of Potential Evidence-Based Factors," J.L. Saunders, M.J. Leahy, C. McGlynn, N.Estrada-Hernandez  2
"Service Integration and School to Work Transition: Customized Employment as An Outcome for Youth with Significant Disabilities," N. J. Certo & R.G. Luecking  4
Specific Disability Issues
"Caregiver Marital Satisfaction when a Spouse has Multiple Sclerosis," Kristin M. Perrone, P.A. Gordon, & M.K. Tschopp  2
"Obesity as a Disability: Medical, Psychosocial and Vocational Implications," M.G. Romero & I. Marini  1
"A Qualitative Investigation of the Psychosocial Impact of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity," L. Koch, C. Vierstra, & K. Penix  3
"Transition-Age Adults with ADHD: Gender and Predictors of Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes," J.Schaller, N.K. Yang, & Audrey Trainor  1
Other Titles
"Motivational Factors Affecting Ticket to Work Utilization: A Pilot Investigation," R.T. Roessler, B.T. Williams, L. Featherston, & J.B. Featherston  3
"Operationalizing the Concept of Empowerment During the Vocational Assessment Process," P.W. Power  2

Volume 38 - 2007
Subject  Issue
"Introduction to the Special Issue on International Rehabilitation Counseling and Social Inclusion: Brazil-U.S. Perspectives," M.M McInerney & C.E. da Rocha Miranda  3
"Introduction to Special Issue on Professional Issues Related to Rehabilitation Counseling," G.G. Garske  4
"Qualitative Research in the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling," E.S. Fabian  2
International Perspectives
"Consortia for Future Leadership: Student Perspectives," M.G. Wilson, M.C. Carvalho, & A.P.E. Alvarez  3
"Cross Cultural Field Exchange as a Rehabilitation Professional Development Experience," R.G. Luecking, L. Cuozzo, C. McInerney, S.H. Mores Cury, & M.C.B.C. Lorca  3
"Formative Evaluation of the U.S.-Brazil Student Exchange Program: Methods, Findings,and Implications,"K. Ruedel & M.M. McInerney  3
"International Exchange in Disability and Social Inclusion: American Educators’ Perspectives," E.S. Fabian & M.K. Madsen  3
"U.S.-Brazil Student Exchange Program: Perspectives of Brazilian Professors," V. A. da Costa, M.M. Costa Hubner, C.M. Buchalla, P. dos Santos Rodrigues, & D. F. Ventura  3
Diversity, Ethnicity, and Race
"The Centrality of Race in Rehabilitation: Views of Former Clients Who are African American," R.J. Alston, T. Gayles, R. Rucker, & M. Hobson  1
"Gender, Race, and Depressive/Mood Disorders: An Analysis of State-Federal Rehabilitation Outcomes," J. Schaller, & N.K. Yang  1
"Outcome Discrepancies among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Consumers of Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Summary and Critique of the Literature," S. LeBlanc & J.F. Smart  1
"Perceptions of Mental Illness and Rehabilitation Services in Chinese and Vietnamese Americans," N.Z. Hampton, T. Yeung, & C.H. Nguyen  2
Professional Issues
"Addressing National Concerns though Supervision: The Role of the Rehabilitation Agency Supervisor," J.C. Schultz  4
"Emerging Roles, Functions, Specialty Areas and Employment Settings for Contemporary Rehabilitation Practice," G. Ethridge, R. Rodgers, & E.S. Fabian  4
"Job Burnout Among Rehabilitation Counselors," M.C. Templeton & J. Satcher  2
"Leadership in Rehabilitation: Considerations for the Future," T.N. Tansey & G.G. Garske  4
"Managing Occupational Stress: A Challenge for the Rehabilitation Counselor," G.G. Garske  4
"A Qualitative Analysis of the Potential for Collaboration between Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and Small Business Developers," K.K. Colling & N. Arnold  2
"Rehabilitation Counseling Ethics," C.A. Reid & C.J. McReynolds  4
Other Titles
"Age, Work, and Disability: Rehabilitation at the End of the Worklife," M. Barros Bailey, J. Fischer, & J.L. Saunders  1
"Caught in a Social Safety Net: Perspectives of Recipients of Social Security Disability Programs on Employment," M.F. Olney  2
"Implementation of a Self-management Programme for People with Long-Term Medical Conditions in a Workplace Setting," J.H. Barlow & D.R. Ellard  2

Volume 39 - 2008
Subject  Issue
Introductions to Special Issues
"Vocational Rehabilitation and Substance Use Disorders," D. Moore & J. Keferl  2
"Rehabilitation Counseling Credentialing: Research, Practice and the Future of the Profession," M.J. Leahy  4
Diversity, Ethnicity, and Race
"Dual Diagnosis: Does Race Affect Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes?" M. Robinson & M. Klein  3
"White Privilege: A Primer for the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, S. LeBlanc, K.B. Wilson," K. Juchau  3
Models for Practice
"The Tripartite Model of Supervision for Rehabilitation Counselors," J.C. Schultz  1
"Using Schlossberg’s Transition Model in Response to Natural Disaster for People with Disabilities," D.A. Harley, D. Beach, & R.J. Alston.  3
Professional Issues
"A Call for Integral Approaches in the Professional Identity of Rehabilitation Counseling: Three Specialty Areas, One Profession," M.A. Stebnicki  4
"Essential Knowledge Domains Underlying Effective Rehabilitation Counseling: An Evidence-Based Foundation of Practice," M.J. Leahy, P. Muenzen, J.L. Saunders, D.R. Strauser  4
"Judgment Deferred: Reappraisal of Rehabilitation Counseling Toward Licensure Parity," V.M. Tarvydas, M.J. Leahy, & S.A. Zanskas  4
"One Veteran Counselor’s Take on the Future of Rehabilitation Counseling," B.T. McMahon  4
"Professional Identity and the Future of Rehabilitation Counseling," J.B. Patterson  4
"Rehabilitation Counseling in the State or Federal Program Is there a Future?" M. O’Brien & M. Graham  4
"Rehabilitation Counseling in the Year 2011: Perceptions of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors," M. Barros-Bailey, J.J. Benshoff, & J. Fischer  4
"Rehabilitation Counselor Certification: Moving Forward," J.L. Saunders, M. Barros-Bailey, C.A. Chapman, & P. Nunez  4
"Rehabilitation Counselor Education Accreditation: History, Structure, and Evolution," L.R. Shaw & M.D. Kuehn  4
"Unifying and Elevating Rehabilitation Counseling Through Model-Driven, Diversity-Sensitive Evidence-Based Practice," F. Chan, V. Tarvydas, K. Blalock, D. Strauser, & B.J. Atkins  4
Specific Disabilities
"Community-Based Interventions for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Primer for Rehabilitation Counselors," C.E. Degeneffe, D. Boot, J. Kuehne, A. Kuraishi, F. Maristela, J. Noyes, R. Price, A. Slooten, & H. Will  1
"The Effects of Participant and Service Characteristics on the Employment Outcomes of RSA Consumers with Visual Impairments: A Follow-up on Agency-Type," N. Estrada-Hernandez  1
"Employment Among Older Adults with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss," M.C. McDonnall & B.J. LeJeune  3
"Family and Culture: Using Autoethnography to Inform Rehabilitation Practice with Cancer Survivors," C.A. Marshall  1
"Vocational Rehabilitation Services Needs of Female Ex-Inmates with Mental Illness: The Perspective of a Southern State," F. Williams, A. Dutta, M. Kundu, & M. Welch  3
Substance Abuse and Substance Use
"Employment Barriers for Persons with Substance Use Disorders and Co-occurring Disabilities: Supported Employment Strategies," M. McAweeney, M. Jones, & D. Moore  2
"An Exploratory Investigation of Rehabilitation Counselors’ Perceived Readiness to Undertake Substance Use Disorder Screening in Vocational Rehabilitation," M.K. Glenn & J. Keferl  2
"Policy Issues in Vocational Rehabilitation Related to Consumers with Substance Use Disorders," D. Moore, M. McAweeney, J. Keferl, M. Glenn, & J. Ford  2
"Predictors of Successful Closure in the State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation System: Findings from a Sample of Persons with Disability and Substance Use Disorders," M. McAweeney, J. Keferl, D. Moore, & J. Wagner  2
"The Relationship between Substance Use Disorders and Unsuccessful Case Closures in Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies," D. Hollar, M. McAweeney, & D. Moore  2
"Utilization of Substance Abuse Screening by State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies," A.W. Heinemann, M. McAweeney, L.E. Lazowski, & D. Moore  2
Other Titles
"The Impact of Education and Death-Related Experiences on Rehabilitation Counselor Attitudes Toward Death and Dying," T. Haas-Thompson, P.P. Alston, & D. Holbert  1
"The Influence of Coworker Justice Perceptions on Worksite Accommodations and the Return to Work of Persons with Disabilities," J.L. Nichols  3

Volume 40 - 2009
Subject  Issue
Introductions to Special Issues
"Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Demographic Subpopulations," C. McReynolds, M. P. Accordino, & K. L. MacDonald-Wilson  2
Diversity, Ethnicity, and Race
"The Disability and Employment Survey: Assessing Employment Concerns among People with Disabilities and Racial/Ethnic Minorities," B. Hernandez  1
"Employment Outcome Rates of African American versus White Consumers of Vocational Rehabilitation Services: A Meta-Analysis," C. L. Moore, J. M. Ferrin, N. Haysbert, S. Brown, P. Cooper, J. Deibel, A. Washington, J. Sassin, E. Manyibe, M. Azadian, & C. Cantrell  3
"Effects of Sociocultural Background and Disability on Occupational Competence of Adolescent Girls," T. Most, A. Weisel, & D. Brand  4
"Racial Identity and Perceptions of People with Disabilities as Romantic Partners: A Pilot Study," D. O'Sullivan & S. J. Notaro  4
Specific Disabilities
"Knowledge about Cochlear Implants among Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors," A. D. Olsen, B. B. Pugh, & M. Bishop  1
"A Content Analysis of Common Concerns of Persons with Physical Disabilities," I. Marini, M.V. Bhakta, & N. Graf  1
"Psychosocial Characteristics of Aging Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities," C. Bernacchio, C. McReynolds, D. Falvo, J. Stevens, R. Cimera, & E. Hogan  2
"Exploring Postsecondary Education and Competitive Employment for People with Mental Illness," D. L. Boutin & M. P. Accordino  2
"Professionals with Psychiatric Disabilities Served in Private Disability Rehabilitation: Implications for Rehabilitation Counselor Preparation," M. P. Accordino, C. McReynolds, D. B. Accordino, & C. Bard  2
"The Outcomes and Costs of Public Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers with Mental Illnesses," R. E. Cimera  2
"Relationship between Knowledge of Employment-Related Public Policies and Occupational Outcome among Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries," M. B. Forchheimer, D. J. Farrell & D. G. Tate  4
"Special Issues in Rehabilitation Counselor Ethics in Disasters," T. L. Blackwell, J. C. Case, M. Barros-Bailey, & A. K. Waldmann  1
Professional Issues
"Adjusting to Threat in the Workplace: A Case Study," A. Davis  1
"A Grounded Theory Approach to Defining Fragmentation and Unification in the Rehabilitation Counseling Profession," K. B. Tingey, M. J. Millington, & J. C. Schultz  3
Other Titles
"Psychosocial Characteristics of Twice-exceptional Individuals: Implications for Rehabilitation Practice," S. Wood & N. Estrada-Hernández  3
"Action Research in Rehabilitation Counseling," M. Kiener & L. Koch  3
"Attitudes of College Students toward People with Disabilities," W. Seo & R. K. Chen  4